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your automated bank account linking with our corporate current account. You may view your bank details by clicking fund account.

No min or max, make your payments and you will get credited as paid for.

If you forgot your password, click on "forgot password" below the "member login" box, follow the directives to reset your password.

Your account will be credited immediately after your payment is confirmed using automated bank transfer. Usually within 1 to 10 minutes.

You can make Fund your account in diverse ways;

- You can pay directly at the bank over the counter, use the bank account we generated for you to do a bank transfer over the counter.


- You can do POS transfer through designated ATM machines using the same account number generated on the website.

- You can do internet transfer from your account into the  account generated on this website.

Log on to, click on "Signup" below the "member login" box, fill the box and save.

To complete your registration, login with your email and password

Firstly, you will create an account on our website after which you will login with your email and password. To fund your account, you will make payment into the automated bank account generated using the details available on the website, We will charge you a one time payment of N5000, make sure you fund your wallet upto N5000 at the first time for this charge to take place.  your payment will be acknowledged instantly, we will credit your account instantly. You could also do online transfers and online card payments.